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We have over 40+ different modules that can help you digitize and streamline your business processes. Whether you're looking to improve your customer relationship management, automate your supply chain, or manage your finances, we have a module that can help.

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We digitize project management, customer relationship management,
and other processes in your company.
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Digitize business processes quickly, cheaply, and scalably.

Whether you're struggling to keep your customers loyal, manage your projects, manage your employees, or manage your invoices, L2B has the right application for you.

  • Build customer relationships Give your customers their own portal
  • Keep customers Manage all customer-based projects bundled
  • High satisfaction Satisfied end-customers are good for your business and strengthen you
  • Manage projects Manage and structure your projects
  • Invoices Bill your projects to your customers
  • Insights Analyze your productivity directly in the cloud
  • Manage your team Keep track of your team and individual members
  • Social networks We offer you the opportunity to build your own internal company social network
  • Unlimited scalability We grow with you and therefore do not limit scalability
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